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tv   Senate Pro Forma Session  CSPAN  January 24, 2014 9:30am-9:36am EST

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that. similarly we're responsible for protecting the nation's secrets. counter intelligence is as assigned coverage of ours and will remain an assigned coverage >> that we use to respond to terrorism, to violent crime, to protect children, all the things that we do, we do best together. one thing i learned traveling around the country, to my troops, something i hadn't expected. you send people to our task forces but you send us your
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stars. which is an amazing thing. when a cynic looks from the outside, what they will do is dump some bum on the task force and check that box. that is not what i found. i found you send us your best and that adds to the cost of the investment. we're incredibly grateful. that is a gift to the american people and to the fbi. with respect to our assigned coverages the joint terrorist task forces remain incredibly important to us. i worry sometimes folks asking themselves, really i'm not in new york, i'm not in washington, i'm not in a big city, is the al qaeda threat really something we should devote a lot of local resources to? my answer is yes. the terrorist threat we face today remains in the way you thought about it is the traditional al qaeda affiliates trying to get into the united states to do harm to our citizens and there is no doubt they think of major landmarks and cities as their primary
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targets but we also face the challenge of our citizens traveling overseas especially to conflict areas, learning new things, making new friend and then coming back to the united states with the where with all and inclination to do harm. those people aren't coming from one particular place. they're coming from and returning to all over the united states. everywhere in the united states has an interest in that. and you've read and heard and worried a lot as i do what we call homegrown violent extremists. the folks that some call lone wolves, a term that i do not like, it conveys dignity that doesn't deserve. lone rats is something better i think but these homegrown violent extremists are people not directed by al qaeda but are inspired. by virtue of the access offered on the internet, able to inspire themselves, train themselves, radicalize themselves in their basement and then do harm to others, right? that's not a new york phenomenon, washington phenomenon. it's agnostic to place.
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wherever a disturbed soul who might be inspired by this kind of thing is, that's where that problem is. i visited yesterday at the terrorist screening center. they told me that 40 to 50% of the calls they receive are from your folks who are making a car stop encountering somebody who are hearing about something and calling to inquire. that nationwide focus is essential to keeping us safe. so i thank you for continuing to focus on it. i thank you for your support for the joint terrorist task forces. that work remains necessary and unfortunately is going to be necessary for the foreseeable future. so i thank you for that. other than that, you should expect those conversations. whether the issue that you are focused on is child, exploitation, sex trafficking, violent crime, or some mix of all of the things that keep us awake at night, we want to have conversations about how we can help. let me stop by saying okay, now you know the expectation i have
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for the fbi, what theirs should be from me and what you should expect from us. let me finish by telling you how lucky i feel to be back for another reason. every time i've left government twice i have discovered the difference between a job you like and a job you love. the first time i left government was when i moved from new york to richmond, begin i can't and there was a hiring freeze in 1993. so i couldn't get into the u.s. attorney's office. so i went to a law firm and they made me a partner and they paid me good money and i had matching furniture which was new to me. [laughter] then i had a parking space and i had great colleagues and i had interesting legal issues and i had a job that i liked and i missed something. actually took me a while to figure it out. and it was my amazing spouse who first said, what's wrong with you? something she says in a variety of different contexts. [laughter] what is wrong with you? we're living in this great
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community. you're so close with the kids. everything's great at home. you're making good money. what's wrong? i said you know what it is? i miss getting up in the morning trying to be part of doing something good. i miss work with moral content. as corny as that sound i don't love this. and i know what it's like to have a job you love and it left a hole in me. and so three years later, when an opening came up, i left that law firm, which was a great place. i went back to the government. they thought i need ad psychiatric examination. but i had again a job that i love. and i have lost that one other time. i say that to remind you, right, surely you're not in it for the money, to remind you of how lucky you are and some of you have left and come back understand that in a palpable way. to be able to do work that you love and that you love because it involves doing good. i


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